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Yoga is more into mental connection than exercises.

Let`s add true Yoga in our lives to make this planet more beautiful and out of viruses.


This platform is a human laboratory where people learn the art to read the book of nature through deep "Cosmic knowledge". It enables us to scan hormonal vibrations and teach us how to use them wisely in this magnetic world.  It provides us a unique eye to see the world in a different dimension, that raises our consciousness naturally and connects us more deeply with the Universe.


Hop in to learn how?

Cosmic parlor

Cosmic guru

Learning about the magnetic world with the ancient Hindu Vedic science, based on astrology, palmistry & numerology.

1 Planetary effects

2 Studying the brain and          heart`s layout. 

Duration:- 3 months

Course fees:- $600

Timings;- Monday 12'30pm



Learning about 7 bodies and 7 chakras and get enlighten.

Additional benefits:-

1 Frequency activation.

2 Blockages and healings.

3 Thought alignment.

Duration;-2 months

Course fees:- $300

Timings;- Tuesday 12;30pm

Evolution report

Full evolution report of oneself by astrology and palmistry. Scanning your ups and downs we offer guidance and support. 

1 Full astrological chart

2 Palmistry readings.

Consultation fees:- $50


Pineal activation helps to build a strong molecular structure aligned by the brain to attract anything. I suggest mental and physical exercises but depends upon the subject`s ability to handle


1 Meditation & Yoga

Per session;- $30

Timings;- Sunday 12;30pm

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Understanding how the earth is a Giant biological computer & what computer function do we serve?