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I Sanjeev kumar Sharma, Masters in Business from the University of Wales, London UK, was founded in 2015 by Consciousness and entrusted a task of enhancing human knowledge more deeply, than enjoying the spiritual shower on my own alone.


From now onwards, Westerns don`t need anymore to go to India for the search of spiritualism and mystic human knowledge.  My life unfolded many unique experiences that were beyond the knowledge of science but existed. Certain experiences led me to see life as a movie-going. Only the difference is, in the cinema, we are curious about the next moment, but in life movies, we are stressed and tensed instead of being curious. Anyways, the movie is a movie?


I scan the human movie by inspecting its map through palmistry and astrology.  There were some cases that occurred in my 15 years of research where I found out life-threatening signs like committing suicide, and they did finally. This is what created pain in me and motivated me to start this platform and help others to learn and scan people around them with a more scientific way of human psychology and help each other to make this world Awesome.


To make it Awesome, we need to know why human consciousness is low in the iron age.  When there is too much chaos due to Sun in libra. This is why every citizen of any country complaints about their government system. The system is spot on, only the cosmic understanding is still missing in the 21st century when we are in the tech world and using the best technology from the comfort of our home, but fail to understand the natural technology of the Universe which can help us to bridge the gap between subjective and objective worlds?

I am pretty glad that my task has been simplified by the science that matter does not exist anymore, whereas energy is a fact.

Similarly, we humans too are merely energy at most, but live in various illusions and create chaos around. And this is where I have decided to educate how we hold an entire universe within and how it functions.

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