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1. Who can benefit from these Services?

Anyone who has a quest to learn about the magnetic world and cosmic intelligence. It is an opportunity to gain insight into the mysteries of this wonderful life. Learning how to make a smart team of the conscious and subconscious mind is ultimately the key to success or failure, happiness or stress.

2. How can I use planetary vibrations to be more successful in things like job hunting, finding a romantic partner, etc.?

The first step is to let us scan your cosmic psychiatry through Indian astrology. This way, you can receive your personalized report which will provide suggestions and insights that should address your needs. Then only practically one can lay out a practical plan to get things done. Moreover, we don`t believe in magic at all, but in the fact that we are the creator of our own destiny. 


3. Do you offer advice on how to use this information to avoid bad luck? Or, to avoid bad thoughts like depression?

As mentioned previously: Thoughts are like things. So when the thought process is diagnosed properly through astrology and palmistry, then we can avoid the bad luck before it manifests itself in physical reality (it`s like killing a baby in the womb). So after observing your thought process thoroughly, we are able to help you to avoid bad luck and depression by adding to and altering your belief system. Remember: your beliefs are like magnets that create your reality. 


4. How can I learn to influence my subconscious mind in a positive way?

By downloading some realistic and useful information about energy. It`s like a memory card that just can download data and perform accordingly. Or, you can say, it is the remote control for your conscious mind or consciousness. So it depends on how you wish to flow consciously.

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