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                       Terms and conditions

We aim to serve our clients with the utmost transparency and best available accurate information. Our services are simply based on ancient Hindu astrology. Discovering and exploring your potential can help you make the most out of opportunities that fate presents to you. Our work is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • We serve as consultants only; adherence to our advice is at the discretion of the client.

  • In case of any conflict, the decision of the board shall be final.

  • The board is authorized to update these terms and conditions as required.

  • Any dispute or question of legality shall be governed by and enforced according to the laws of India. Any dispute or question of legality shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Jammu courts in Jammu and Kashmir- India, exercising competent jurisdiction and situated in India.

    Privacy policy


  • We embrace a responsible and ethical approach to conducting services. The confidentiality of our member`s information is of utmost priority. We do not sell our client`s information or use it for marketing purposes. We are committed to providing our clients with a safe and enjoyable experience. The information collected by this site is accessible only to authorized persons. Personal information will not be shared with unauthorized individuals or organizations.


    The services which are offered through are not guaranteed in terms of accuracy or success. The services provided are based on beliefs and faith. They are subjective in nature and depend on the mental situation prevailing in a client. Such circumstances cannot be monitored or supervised on our end. Additionally, success depends upon the recipient's ability to receive and execute the advised solutions.

     Under controlled conditions and an ideal environment, our research has demonstrated an 85-90% success rate. However, success rates in the case of a new person may differ according to various factors which are not under the direct control and supervision of the service providers. Tests of the person will power and patience is outside the predictive power of even the experts. Some people are born with it and some develop it.                     Hence, potential failures will be solely the risk and cost of the client. The cause or reason for said failure will          be the person's own loss without any liability on behalf of

    Our services are not generated by any automated software. We invest our time and experience to understand each and every client thoroughly. 

    Ultimately, we strive to increase your awareness and provide you with information about your Lucky Days. The rest is your journey; the path is how you make it. This is why we do not commit to anything, nor do we comfort you with false hopes. Best of luck.

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