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Cosmic guru

Learning about the magnetic world with the ancient Hindu Vedic science, based on astrology, palmistry & numerology.

1 Planetary effects

2 Studying the brain and          heart`s layout. 

Duration:- 3 months

Course fees:- $600

Timings;- Monday 12'30pm



Learning about 7 bodies and 7 chakras and get enlighten.

Additional benefits:-

1 Frequency activation.

2 Blockages and healings.

3 Thought alignment.

Duration;-2 months

Course fees:- $300

Timings;- Tuesday 12;30pm

Evolution report

Full evolution report of oneself by astrology and palmistry. Scanning your ups and downs we offer guidance and support. 

1 Full astrological chart

2 Palmistry readings.

Consultation fees:- $50

Pineal activation

Pineal activation helps to build a strong molecular structure aligned by the brain to attract anything. I suggest mental and physical exercises but depends upon the subject`s ability to handle


1 Meditation & Yoga

Per session;- $30

Timings;- Sunday 12;30pm

Note:- This service is for over 18 yrs old and only for western countries where gambling is legal. And only for those who are self-sufficient and play for entertainment, not to become rich. 

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Note:- This service is only for the private sector where sometimes disputes occur, either between workers or partners. We act as a third party for the resolution in our own unique way.

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