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Welcome to the True Exposure

                 A platform that bridges the gap between

                                    Mind and Matter,

                                      in its own way.












Examines human evolution process, thought process, vibration, time and energy. 


Teaches cosmic science, Mental Yoga and Enlightenment.


Helps with the mental illness, human behavior, stress, anxiety &    depression.



In 19th century Mr Sigmund Freud an Austrian citizen added efforts on the psychoanalysis, mental illness and human behavior, through dialogue with a patient and exploring the thought process.


In 20th century Mr Cheiro an Irish man added labor on the same, but the method was different and more advanced though. Means without a dialogue, just  reading the neuron circuitry of the brain, through palmistry.


In 21st century I feel like I have been entrusted a task by the Universe to add pain on their research and take it to the next level. Where you will learn the magic of manifeting your dreams and plans into the physical reality. 


Moreover,In this next level, You will learn to read the mind through eyes. Because our eyes are directly connected with our mind. This is why, whatever our eyes see that affects to our mind and whatever is in mind, could be read through eyes. Its an art.

                              Hop in to learn how?

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